Six days in the Hardangervidda from £1,300

The Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in Europe. Its dramatic, rocky terrain, shaped by glaciers, is an area of pristine wilderness.  The plateau supports many species of arctic animals and plants found further south than anywhere else in Europe.  It is a special, beautiful landscape and will give you an amazing experience for your D of E expedition.


  • Day 1 - Flight, travel by public transport / minibus with leaders to Geilo

  • Day 2 - Prepare with acclimatisation day before starting trek

  • Day 3 - Day 1 of trek – From Fossli, trek onto plateau to wild camp near the Hedlo Hut

  • Day 4 - Day 2 of trek – Walk west across the plateau to wild camp in remote location

  • Day 5 - Day 3 of trek – Continue Westwards to wild camp near the Stavali Hut

  • Day 6 – Day 4 of trek – Descend from plateau past amazing waterfalls to Kinsarvik.  Minibus back to Geilo

  • Day 7 - Rest / activity day

  • Day 8 - Fly home

Setting off towards Tuva Hytte.jpg


  • All tents, stoves, fuel and maps and in-country travel

  • All hostel / camping accommodation whilst in Norway (inc all food when not on expedition)

  • An allowance of £250 per person for your school to buy:

    • Flights

    • Travel insurance

    • A last day activity of your choice e.g. flat water kayaking (prices range from £40 to £70 per person)

    • This allowance is based on the most expensive flight and the most expensive activity


  • Expedition food and mess tins

  • Personal kit

  • Transport to / from UK airport

  • Optional last day sightseeing tour before flying home